One day the pressure will build Nothing will go right Words won’t express Things will topple You’ll explode I can’t fix it Only you can You think I’m wrong But it’s true It must change I hope you go Though I don’t know If you will I just need you By my side I told […]

Why I Write

Emotions build, Hidden and deep. I smother them out And try to ignore the mess inside. Pain and terror wreck my world, But when I open my mouth, Words never come out. Abuse, lies, death, betrayal, Burring me.   “Write” they said. How stupid is that.. Words won’t make this go away. My pencil touches […]

Our Love

I always hold your hand at night Hold on tight with all my might I love the way we grip on tight Always afraid we’ll lose sight Of how to keep smiling real bright I’ll say sorry when we get in a fight We can get so dark, can you turn on the light?


It’s ten till eleven. I’m tired. Baby, where are you? Work isn’t over. Why aren’t you in my bed? I need you. I lay here, In my ugly black glasses, With my hair a mess, Make up smeared. Come home to me. The beds nice and warm. Glad you’re home. How was work? Come cuddle. […]