Hair thrown back and in my pjs I wait for that specific phone call “Hey baby girl, I’m on my way home” Tonight I got a text, saying you’ll be late That’s okay, I’ll stay up for you I’ll be in bed when you get home But I’ll promise I’ll wait up I’ll kick back […]


One day the pressure will build Nothing will go right Words won’t express Things will topple You’ll explode I can’t fix it Only you can You think I’m wrong But it’s true It must change I hope you go Though I don’t know If you will I just need you By my side I told […]


My favorite poem is Satan by Terry Anderson. I love this poem because it speaks volumes. Every human as a good and bad side. It just depends on which side we feed which determines what we see. What’s yours and why? Satan is a name we use for darkness in the world, a goat on […]


Insecurities and questions twirl around your body like the calm breeze of the melodies come from the guitar. Kindness drips from every note, drowning my heart in sincerity. Your lullabies of love and graciousness wrap me in a daze of wonderful dreams. The days sail on as I set onward. I am sailing toward what […]

Guide Me

The lantern It is such a simple device, Yet it lights up so bright It’s power is breathtaking. Prosperity dangle just within reach Show me the way Guide me to my next destination Because all I need is a path, A light, and hope. I don’t care where this lantern takes me The depths of […]