Goodbye and Graduation

Well, it’s graduation time. We did it, yay, and all that jazz. Here’s the thing though, the school wants us to turn in a letter at graduation and they are giving them to Austins family, since it’s been 5 years since his death. His birthday is next week, actually. His death date is the following […]

New Blog

We did it! We graduated college last Friday! At the end of May, we will graduate high school, too! It was tough, but I ended my college and high school career with a 3.78 GPA 😀 Thank God! Since schools over, I decided to make a new blog about my new pet Quill. “The Adventures […]


I sit here between our break, waiting for the time to change. A whole 3 hours. It’s only been 7 minutes past 2 and I feel like I’ve been here too long. It doesn’t matter- I’m happy to be here. I love the smell of skyline and the rush of soft cold wind when the […]