Where Am I On The Time Clock?

We’re half way into our semester and Bailey still doesn’t know what he wants to do. it is pretty nerve racking- but I am dealing. I hope he makes a decision soon becasue the spring is coming soon… Even though winter hasn’t even hit us yet. On another note, I sent off my college application to UC Blue Ash and I honestly hope I get a response soon because I am starting to get a little worried. I am debating if I want to apply to another school or not, even though UC Blue Ash will be about $5,000 cheaper… But I guess we’ll see.


As my Senior year comes to a close end, even though it just started, my step mom keeps talking about my future. She has mentions about “Bailey’s wife” and so on. I wonder if they know, or just she knows, our plans for the up comming future? It is that obvious or is she just assuming? Either way I think that my dad is going to flip, but I do not expect anything different. I think that it’ll work out. As long as Bailey makes a decision soon. After he does that, then we can start planning our future. I have to admit, I am getting pretty excited about it..


I am sorry I haven’t been on here often, I am neglectful, I know. With school and everything, I don’t have much time. I know that isn’t an excuse though. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to catch up on all your blogs soon!


-Gabby Underwood


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