Coming Home

My cousin is coming home to us this Sunday night. I honestly have some mixed emotions about it. Let me explain..

She is currently in the Navy and has been in for two years now, however, three years ago she escaped from her fathers control freak house and came to live with us for the summer. After she escape from her fathers house  (we literally packer all her stuff while he wasn’t home and then left), she came to live with us for the summer until she could join the Navy. When living with her father, they had one cell phone (Only for when he needed to call them), they were not allowed outside, and they were home schooled all their lives. He was very strict and did unspeakable things. However, these aren’t 15 year old kids- these are 20-23 year old grown adults. Either way, she left for the Navy and has come back every so often for Christimas or whatever. Last Christmas hshe came home and was a complete different person. She brought a boyfriend home (which was a huge step for a girl who nwas never allowed to have friends or talk to other family members). Not only did they literally sit on the couch and make out ALL DAY LONG, she would bitch about EVERYTHING. Our internet was too slow, there was nothing to do, she didn’t like the food we had.. and so on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love her to death. I just think it is very upseting we took her in when no one else would. Not only that, but it drives me insaine when people forget where they come from.

So as of right now, I want to see her because she will be deployed for a year starting next month. Nonetheless, I don’t want her to come home and insult all of us. She is a 23 year old, we don’t need to be home entertaining her every second of the day.


The End.


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