What If You Were Me

Day 16
“Something you’ve always thought “what if” about”

Oh lord. This will be a good one. I have a lot of “what if”‘s.. What if I got pregnant in high school, what if the world ends tomorrow, what if I don’t get accepted into UC, what if Bailey doesn’t go into the Air Force, what if I go blind. I have so many “what if”‘s.

This is the one I decided on:
What if you were me? How would you handle being in my body.

Would you care that without contacts, you are blind? Do you think you could function knowing what I know? Could you live with the pain of having three best friends die in one year.. at the age 14. How would you respond to that? Would you have left high school at 15 and went to college? Would you have stayed with Bailey, or even given him the time of day? Would you have gotten into drugs? Ran away from home? Would you have decided to continue to live with my mother? Or would you have moved in with my father? Would you have ever forgiven my mother? Would you have been more popular? Talk to people you don’t like? Would you have gotten a full time job while you went to college? Would you still get straight A’s? Would you have gotten depressed? Would you have cut? Tell me, if you were me, would you have ended it all?

Well I have to deal with these questions every day. Worse than that, I have to come up with answers to them. Don’t judge me until you’ve been in my shoes and seen and the things I’ve see. I know life is hard for everyone.. So keep your head up and be happy you’re in your shoes and not someone else’s.


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