Day 15
“What is your zodiac sign and do you think it fits you?”

My sign is Cancer because I was born in July. I googled the zodiac characteristics of Cancer and found the following:

For Cancer, home and family are key. A Water Sign, like Scorpio and Pisces, these natives lead with their feelings first, and need to feel safe expressing their deepest emotions before letting you get any closer. They are usually very empathetic people, able to share your pain, or the pains of the world at large.

Ruled by the Moon, Cancer natives can seem a bit strange or uncanny to some who are used to a more direct approach. But Cancer isn’t usually trying to be manipulative. They just need to size you up before feeling safe enough to risk rejection. The Moon also gives them a twinge of psychic ability, which can be developed during this lifetime if they choose.

The sign of Cancer is symbolized by the Crab, which gives them a sideways quality. These people may talk around a problem before getting to the point, making them tough to know. Additional patience is required as they spin their tale their own way. Just don’t interrupt, because they may retreat back into their protective shells for good.

Associated with the stomach and breasts, Cancer natives should pay a bit more attention to these areas, and keep them safe and healthy during this lifetime. Issues with digestion, in particular, may arise as a Cancer gets older.

Challenges can rise when Cancerians are too sensitive for their own good, or try to take on all the world’s problems. Cultivating compassion is one thing. But becoming so devoted to a person or cause that you lose yourself isn’t healthy. Striving for balance in all things helps achieve the best results for the Cancerian and the people he or she trying to help. Being near water can help a Cancer feel more at ease, and allow them to release the past, rather than clinging to it unnecessarily.

Let me just say that that is me in a nutshell. I’m not kidding. Im shy, I’m clingy to Bailey, I want to move near the ocean, all I want is a family.. It’s me. It’s pretty weird how well someone can describe you without even knowing you. What’s your sign and does it describe you?


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