Senior Year

My senior year is going by quickly and honestly it’s bitter sweat. I hate the words “bitter sweat” because it seems like that’s how everyone describes their senior year, but it is true.

I haven’t actually been in high school for two years, doing Post Secondary and all, but I’ll miss a lot. The innocent chatter that everyone had at 7am as they were walking in the doors. The emailing everyone throughout the day (we all had lap tops). The pep rallies, which I hated to attend because I have no school spirit. Going to games and feeling the excitement in the air.

I miss some of the teachers, the teachers that, in fact, saw Bailey and I fall in love. My A&P teacher who let us be partners in everything and ignored us when we were a little too touchy those first few months of dating. We saw her at the high school the other day and she was really happy to see us. Then there is my Chemistry teacher, with his mono time voice and 8am quizzes that no one was awake for. He didn’t care that Bailey pulled a chair next to my desk and sat in the middle of the isle all class long. Thank you Mr. F for not saying anything. I’m sure it drove you crazy, but we were good students, so what can you say? The teachers used to tell us how cute we were and they all talked about it during their lunch (or so they told us). Even the vise principle was talking about us getting married. Which is a common thing around Ohio. Apparently, a lot of people in other states don’t get married right out of high school, but here it is common. Now I’m sure those teachers don’t even remember us.

For the last two years I’ve been attended a local Community College with Bailey. We love it and it allows us to be flexible. We can work days and go to school at night or work all week and on our days off, go to school. It’s really nice, and it’s a lot more relaxed than high school. The only thing I hate is that it is always cold. No matter the season, wear jeans and a sweater.

It seems my life is going by so quickly. I’m not complaining though. Maybe Bailey is right, 22, 24, 25 isn’t so far away. Our future will be here soon enough. I’ve filled out my application to UC Blue Ash. Today they sent me a letter saying all my credits will transfer, which is freaking great. It should be another week or two before I know if I’m accepted. I’m getting really excited! I know I’ll only be there a year, hopefully, but continuing my education is exciting. Baileys still wanting to join the Air Force. I hope he does it. I think it’ll be a great opportunity for him and will help him grow as a person. I know he’ll always be mine.

To the future me, hold fast to your love and to your dreams, adopt a baby that is deaf, get your degree, marry Bailey sometime in your life because he’s too good to let go. Also, smile more, be a little more social. When Bailey leaves, meet some friends to help the time pass. Keep up your grades in school, clean your room more often too. It’ll all work out. I love you, my future self. Stay strong.


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