Not Your Child

I’m sick of hearing “Don’t do it!”, “You’ll regret it”, “It won’t last”.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Please check your last name on your birth certificate. Is your last name Underwood? Did you conceive a child name Gabrielle? Oh, you didn’t? Good. So don’t give me your opinions.

If I want to get married at 17, 26, or even 89, I will do as I please. You don’t know me, so don’t tell me it won’t last. If you think me getting married at a young age, moving in with my boyfriend at a young age, or even having a boyfriend who I plan on marrying, is wrong, keep it to yourself. Please don’t tell me that “you’ll regret it”. If you regret your marriage, go home and file for divorce. Just because your relationship sucks, doesn’t mean mine will.




4 thoughts on “Not Your Child

  1. Everyone will always have an opinion about you and your life. People talk. People like to have something to say, it makes them feel good about themselves. Do you. Live your life. That’s exactly what they are doing. You made me laugh and I can relate, not exactly to this but in a similar way.

    • It’s just frustrating because they don’t know me or him or our backgrounds. If they thought it was so bad, they shouldn’t have gotten married.

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