Flowers In The Attic

I finished the Flowers In The Attic series be V.C. Andrews. Wow! I was blown away. I’ve tried since I was 10 to finish it and I finally did. I’m really sad that I finished the series. I feel like I loved their lives with them! Now I need to find a new series to keep me busy.


4 thoughts on “Flowers In The Attic

    • It’s sad that most of the books under VC Andrews isn’t from her. It’s from a ghost writer the family hired after she died. This series is the only one I’ve read. Loved it. It was so pathetic how much I loved it.

      • Agreed. You’re right about the story line. For example in the Flowers in the Attic Series, Christopher died the same way his father died. A house fire was reoccurring throughout the series and Cathy went to die in a place she tried so hard to forget (the attic).

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