Not Your Child

I’m sick of hearing “Don’t do it!”, “You’ll regret it”, “It won’t last”. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Please check your last name on your birth certificate. Is your last name Underwood? Did you conceive a child name Gabrielle? Oh, you didn’t? Good. So don’t give me your opinions. If I want to get married at […]

Masks We Wear

Will someone tell me when it become acceptable to walk around with a mask? I feel as if sometimes I am not showing the world who I am. I wake up in the mornings, from bad vivid dreams, put my contacts in, put my mask on, and cover it with make up. I go to […]

Flowers In The Attic

I finished the Flowers In The Attic series be V.C. Andrews. Wow! I was blown away. I’ve tried since I was 10 to finish it and I finally did. I’m really sad that I finished the series. I feel like I loved their lives with them! Now I need to find a new series to […]