That’s Hot.. Or Not?

Day 14
“What You Wore Today”

It wasn’t anything amazing, I assure you.
At least I didn’t have to wear my work clothes today, since I am off.
I wore my hair down today, I straightened it. I know Bailey loves that, even though my bangs have grown out and are always falling in my face.
As for jewlery, I wore a silver spiral necklace with a pearl hanging off the end of it. Also, I have a silver Princess crown ring on that I wore on my right hand. My wore a pink undershirt and a white shirt with a picture of a forest in multi colors. (The main color is pink, which matched my pink tank top underneath). The shirt says, “Wild thing, I think I love you.” I do believe it is from Aeropostale. I work some long jeans that have a wide leg. They are pretty old, but the dark color goes good with my shirt. As for my shoes, I just wore some pink Rebok shoes that I wear for work. They are just regular active shoes that you can buy anywhere.

Interesting right? I thought so.


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