Coming Home

My cousin is coming home to us this Sunday night. I honestly have some mixed emotions about it. Let me explain.. She is currently in the Navy and has been in for two years now, however, three years ago she escaped from her fathers control freak house and came to live with us for the […]


Hair thrown back and in my pjs I wait for that specific phone call “Hey baby girl, I’m on my way home” Tonight I got a text, saying you’ll be late That’s okay, I’ll stay up for you I’ll be in bed when you get home But I’ll promise I’ll wait up I’ll kick back […]


One day the pressure will build Nothing will go right Words won’t express Things will topple You’ll explode I can’t fix it Only you can You think I’m wrong But it’s true It must change I hope you go Though I don’t know If you will I just need you By my side I told […]

Senior Year

My senior year is going by quickly and honestly it’s bitter sweat. I hate the words “bitter sweat” because it seems like that’s how everyone describes their senior year, but it is true. I haven’t actually been in high school for two years, doing Post Secondary and all, but I’ll miss a lot. The innocent […]

Not Your Child

I’m sick of hearing “Don’t do it!”, “You’ll regret it”, “It won’t last”. Dear ladies and gentlemen, Please check your last name on your birth certificate. Is your last name Underwood? Did you conceive a child name Gabrielle? Oh, you didn’t? Good. So don’t give me your opinions. If I want to get married at […]

Masks We Wear

Will someone tell me when it become acceptable to walk around with a mask? I feel as if sometimes I am not showing the world who I am. I wake up in the mornings, from bad vivid dreams, put my contacts in, put my mask on, and cover it with make up. I go to […]