Doesn’t Compare

Day 13
“What I Think Of My Body And How Comfortable I Am With It”

If you would have asked me this question two years ago, I would have told you I hated my body. I truly did. But thanks to my boyfriend, I accept myself and think I’m beautiful.

I know I am a curvy girl. Not fat, but I’m not a stick either. I weigh 140 pounds and stand at 5’6. I used to hate my head, because it was too big for my body. However, I grew and now I love how proportional I am. My eyes are large, cheek bones are high, and those are my favorite attributes. My hazel eyes are stunning because my eyes are so large. I’m porcelain white and I don’t want to change it.

I used to hate my hair color; I would want any color but brown. Today, I couldn’t imagine dying my hair anything but a similar shade of brown. It fits me, it really brings out my face because of eye brows are black and my skin is pale.

I’ll admit, if I could lose the belly pouch and the thighs… Even a pound or two, I’d be happy. But I’m happy. Yes, I eat junk food. Yes, I like not worrying a out my body. But I still go on the occasional run.

I’m not perfect, and I know my body will never be the way I want it. So I accept it and thank God it isn’t worse. I have nice curves and I love to show them off. Blues and pinks look great on me. To top it all off, Bay loves my body too, so I don’t care.

I’m as perfect as I want to be.


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