Basic Needs.. A Cell Phone?

As I was reading today for my online English class, I was occasionally texting Bailey, while he was at work. As I was reading about Columbus, his expeditions, and his life, I was thinking about how much life has changed. For Christ’s sake, they didn’t even know that the world was round! I couldn’t imagine searching the sea’s, on a pathetic boat, looking for the unknown. Some of the sailors were looking for The Garden of Eden. Could you imagine the disappointment of looking for something that you will never find?

Nevertheless, I was thinking of how much their life would suck. How the letters they wrote would almost never get back to the people they intended them for. Then, I was thinking of how lucky I was to have a phone and to have the world at my fingertips. I can type anything in and almost always get an answer back. In addition to that, I can ALWAYS get ahold of Bailey. It just made me realize how important the internet, social media, and cell phones have become.

Would you consider your cell phone a “need” instead of a “want”? Why or why not? I honestly love my cell phone. It is always with me and I know that is just because I grew up with a cell phone. People, like my sister, didn’t have one until they 20 because they just weren’t around, or were too bulky or expensive. I know people that consider their phones a need. They would rather go without heat, or electric, or water, than to go without their cell phones.

I will tell you right now, that isn’t me. If Bailey and I couldn’t afford our bills, the cell phones and internet would be the first to go. I would much rather have a house, than a phone. But hey, that’s just me.

How has cell phones made that much of an impact in our lives so quickly? What if we all had to go without a cell phone? I think it would cause a major problem because, like me, many people are addicted to their phones. Which with phones having EVERYTHING on them, I can’t blame people. It’s a computer that can fit in your back pocket… heck its better than a computer.

I think that the cell phone might be a reason our children no longer communicate with us and the reason parents no longer even try to communicate. Why talk when I can just check your Facebook? I just think it’s sad. The world is losing hope..



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