Day One, Almost Dead

This is day one of Hell college. My second year is upon me, and already I have had to drive in the car too long, listen to Bailey’s crying and complaining about how he’s bored, and I’m cold!

Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year

So here I am, done with four of my five classes, waiting until 6:30 so I can finish out my day. Whoever tells you the college life is fun, they are lying. If you are unlike me (PSEO student), books will cost you a fortune! The class rooms will be small and cold, and there will be the same poeple from high school, just older. Also, don’t EVER take an online class. How awful is learning everything online? Its torture. You have to read everything yourself, teach youself everything, and pray you can type fast. Luckly I am taking an English class online. It is mostly reports and journals, so it isn’t too bad. However, a friend of mine is taking A&P online. NO WAY! I wouldn’t have touched that class with a ten foot pole.

Whenever you decide to attend college, I don’t care if it is 150 degrees outside, BRING A JACKET! It is about 40 below zero every day. Today, it was pretty hot outside, so I thought I would be safe wearing shorts. However, I was wrong. I’m pretty sure I have hypothermia.

I wish everyone the best of luck.. and please pray that I can make it through the rest of my day without freezing… or killing Bailey. 🙂


One thought on “Day One, Almost Dead

  1. hehhee… you are so bringing out the college memories that I have kept hidden in my journals!! So miss those days…

    All the best for the rest of the days of your sophomore year ;))

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