Adopt Me.. Or Not?

This post was inspired by Maddie. You can find her blog below. No she didn’t give me the idea, but she gave me an idea.
Maddie’s link! CHECK IT OUT!

I’m not a expert on the topic, but how much do you know on adoption? Well, listen. I want to adopt. Not only do I want to adopt, I would like to adopt a deaf child. I know sign language, I’m not an interpreter, but I know enough to raise a child. Anyway, I’m turned off on the topic of adoption right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I will do it, but it’s so expensive! It’s between 4-40,000 dollars! It makes me mad. Why should I, or any adult, have to pay up to $40,000 on a child they will love and take care of, pay for their college, and support them for all of there like. Yet, white trash can have as many children as they want.

It torks me off. I know you have to deal with traveling, home studies, attorney fees and so on, but I think it’s ridiculous. Please share your opinion. What do you think about this?


One thought on “Adopt Me.. Or Not?

  1. Wow! your post resonates with my thoughts on this topic!

    Originally I wanted to adopt a baby girl, but I think the rules that are formed around and the ridiculous fees and all, is worthless. It’s thoughtful that they want the kids to go in the right hands, but charging surplus amounts of money so the kid can be adopted and be taken care of, its a business now!!

    It sucks to see this happening, but still, one day I will adopt a baby gal!

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