How’d We Get Here?

Saw a great blog! I got this idea from 1,000 Word Challenge


Why is the world so cruel? I stand here watching Ali playing at the park. This is her favorite place to play. Everyday when her daddy is at work, we come to laugh on the swings and scream on the slide. My poor daughter, she’s only five years old and already the criticism of race has touched her. Not even at this park, is she safe from the pain and discouragement of being a mixed child.
Being half Indian and half African American is tough for us. Her father and I see it in her eyes, she knows. She knows that mommies and daddies are suppose to “match”.. Or that’s what she has heard at least.

It disgusts me to know that my daughter thinks she is different, unfit. She is not different than a Caucasian child, a Hispanic child, an Asian child. America has become a melting pot, so why is it not okay for our “races” to mix? I’d think after so many years, racism would have died down, but I see the fire of rage in people’s eyes.

I pray everyday that my daughter will grow confident with her ethnicity. I hope she grows strong and thick skin and that she can over look the icy glares of other people. I beg she doesn’t notice that the African Americas won’t “accept” here and that neither will Indians.

I understand it makes me sound like I’m so prejudice, that I think “she’s never be accept. No one will like her”… And I am sure there are people out there who do not care about race. However, I see it everyday. There is still judgement. There is still hatred. I will fight until my daughter can be “equal” in the eyes of everyone. Where the children at the play ground do not judge her. I pray there is hope.


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