Drive Me Crazy

Day 7
“Five Pet Peeves”

I have a lot of pet peeves, I have to admit.

The biggest pet peeve I have is eating with your mouth open. Does it look like I want to see your food? Frankly, it’s just bad manors. It is disgusting to everyone where you.

Another pet peeve of mine is organization. If I had something organized or show you how to set something up (at work, for example), it needs to be set up like that. Don’t have ass anything because then you just wasted your time and mine.

Clean up after yourself! My brother is the worst. He leaves tooth paste and hair in the sink. How gross. When people leave their cups around the house and so forth. Why should I have to clean up after you?

Something that just drives me bonkers is religion. I think it’s great that you have a religion and you believe in God. Just DO NOT push your believes in me. That isn’t fair. You don’t know me and what I’ve been through so don’t act like you are better than me because you have a religion.

Finally, I can’t stand when people are late! If you are going to be late, then just don’t come. I can understand if there was traffic or something, but there are people in my family who are always at least an hour late. It has gotten so bad we will tell them a party is a 2 when it is really at 4. Just so they will be there on time.

Do you have an pet peeves that are like mine? Any good ones? Please share with me!


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