Day 9
“How important you think education is”

I obviously think education is important or I wouldn’t be writing this. To everyone who thinks education isn’t important, you’re thinking about it all wrong. Going to school everyday and reading a book isn’t what education is about. Minus learning to read and write, do simple math, and know the Earth has gravity, education is in everything.

Imagine this, you take your 5 year old son outside and you explain to him why trees have leaves. You go into detail about how they give the tree it’s food and how the roots of the tree, which he can’t see because they are in the ground, help give the tree water. And just like humans, the tree needs food and water to survive. Now, maybe it isn’t the scientific way of explain photosynthesis and so forth, but your son just learned something that blew his mind. He never would have thought that the same tree he sees every day, in front of his house, could be so complex and interesting. That’s education.

Education is in everyday. You don’t have to learn it in a book, if you do, great! However, if you don’t learn something in a book, that’s okay too! People learn in different ways. Some people need it to be hands-on. Others can just listen. And most people can read about it and remember. Education is all around us. If you find math and English boring, find something that interests you!

Lets say cars interest you… Learn about the car, different types of cars, how to fix them, rig them, how to use tools. The possibilities are endless.

It’s your life, learn about things that interest you.

Best of luck!

-Gabby 🙂

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