We Are What We Create

Day 6
“Mainstream Music”

I’ll admit, I love music. Even today’s “mainstream music”. Lady Gaga, Macklamore, Pink, Bruno Mars, and everyone else can be found on my playlist. I can’t pick which generation has the best music. Why? Because our generations music is reflected by what’s going on in our lives, in our time period, and the “fad’s”. I can’t compare the 1950’s to today because they didn’t have the same technology we do now and we aren’t in the same time period. We would write about different things if we were in the 1950’s than 2013.

Today’s music is more computerized and able to be danced to. In other generations, this kind of technology was unheard of. So how can they be compared? Music is an art. Art cannot be compared to another art because it is simply not the same. Simple as that.

What’s your opinion on today’s music? Are you ashamed of the drugs and sex and violence that is used in such vulgar ways? Perhaps past generations have created what we are now. What one generation barely accepts, the next embraces.

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