My Favorite Book (Series)

Day 3
“A book you love”

This topic is kind of tough for me, I have a few good books that I love. But I would have to say my favorite book (the whole series, really) is Flowers in the Attic by V. C. Andrews. The whole series is called The Dollanganger Family Series. It’s probably one of the best book series I’ve ever read.

If you start in order (reading the prequel last) the series begins with Corrine and her husband, Chris, raising their four children. Chris, Cathy, and then the twins, Carry and Cory. The father dies and the mother moves herself and the children home to her parents house. The grandparents are filthy rich and Corrine had to try really hard to be able to move back. The kids were hidden in the attic for several years, in order for Corrine to be written back into the will. Cory dies and then the other children decide to escape.

Then, in the second book, they are adopted by a local doctor named Paul and he saves Carry, because she too was on the brink of death. They all live as a happy family, but Cathy swears to get revenge on her mother and grandmother for locking them up for years and for the death of Cory. Chris becomes a doctor, Cathy has two children, and Carry becomes depressed because she isn’t growing properly. Carry ends up killing herself and Cathy blames that death on her mother and grandmother also. She gets revenge on both of them. Her gradmother, she tortures and she makes a child with her mothers second husband.

Cathy marries twice, both of her husbands die. And then she lives as husband and wife with her brother Chris and their mother Corrine is put in a mental hospital. After a few years, a women moves in next door and she becomes friends with Bart, Cathy’s youngest son. He becomes evil. At the end of the book you find out that it’s Cathy’s and Chris’s mother.

The last book is about Jory, Cathy’s oldest son and his wife as they become great dancers. The prequel is about the grandmother and the grandfather and why/ how they become so evil. There is the quick version.

Read it. It’s amazing!


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