Different Year, Same People

Schools about to start, and I refuse, down right refuse to post about it on Facebook. I will not be like ” awww senior year! I can’t believe it’s here!!! I’ll miss you all!” No. Just no. Forget all of you. I am and never was or never will be on the level of ignorance, disrespect, and stupidity you all have. I’m so ashamed of my generation. This is why I went to college. But even college is similar to high school.
And the rant begins..

Please, put a shirt on. I don’t want to see your cleavage. I am proud I’m a women too, but there is no need to flaunt it.

No, I don’t care if you did your homework or not. We are in college, I am not helping you. If you sink, you sink. Do your shit, or you fail. Simple as that.

Dude, pull up your damn pants! I don’t want to see your boxers. Trust me, I’ve seen boxers before, yours aren’t special. Do you know what baggy pants came from? Prison. Know what it means? That you’re “available”. Mhm. Keep wearing those baggy jeans, bud.

Stop yelling out stupid questions. I know teachers say “there is no such thing as a stupid question”… Well as long as a person with an IQ over 40 is asking the question, then no, there won’t be any stupid questions. However, your question is beyond stupid. Are you sure your in college and not 3rd grade?

Food. No. We can bring snacks into class. Please don’t bring your whole meal into class. When you bring in mashed potatoes, chicken, rolls, pop, and pie, you’ve gone over board.

An finally, please stop sharing information about your sex life. I don’t care who you are screwing. This isn’t high school, we don’t care about your business.

*End rant*


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