Dreams vs Reality

I had a plan. I’d move out with my Prince Charming after high school and we’d live together and go to school. How we’d afford it, I’m not sure. How we would work full time and go to school full time, eh we’d figure it out. We’d get married in college, finish our degrees, then get married. I figured we’d buy a house after we got married, have a few kids, and love happily ever after. Yeah right…

Plans of moving out after high school got shut down by both of our parents. It really bothered me. I know we don’t make enough to actually be able to move out on our own, but damn it, I would have tried. To me, living at home after high school is wrong. I think it’s wrong and, frankly, embarrassing.

As for college, we both still want to go. He changes what he wants every day. As of right now, he wants to join the Air Force (we’ll discuss this next). Myself, on the other hand, I want to be a speech pathologist and maybe one day get my PhD in Audiology.

If my boyfriend did decide to go into the Air Force, I’d be scared shitless. Sorry for the language, but man…. It would be hard for both of us. I’d want to get married so I could travel with him. He thinks I just want to move out, but I honestly just want to be near him. We’ve been together everyday since we were 15. If he did go, I’d support him. I’m not the biggest patriot, just like in school, I never had school spirit. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, it’s just I’m not a big support of anything but deaf culture. I don’t like crowds, loud noises, or parties. Anyway, when he got stationed somewhere, I would probably try to do my schooling online.

Live won’t turn out as I expect. I plan everything and I know I can’t plan this one. It really all depends on luck… And I’ve never found myself as lucky.

Please wish me luck.

Love, laugh, learn



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