It’s ten till eleven. I’m tired. Baby, where are you? Work isn’t over. Why aren’t you in my bed? I need you. I lay here, In my ugly black glasses, With my hair a mess, Make up smeared. Come home to me. The beds nice and warm. Glad you’re home. How was work? Come cuddle. […]

Basic Needs.. A Cell Phone?

As I was reading today for my online English class, I was occasionally texting Bailey, while he was at work. As I was reading about Columbus, his expeditions, and his life, I was thinking about how much life has changed. For Christ’s sake, they didn’t even know that the world was round! I couldn’t imagine […]

Day One, Almost Dead

This is day one of Hell college. My second year is upon me, and already I have had to drive in the car too long, listen to Bailey’s crying and complaining about how he’s bored, and I’m cold! So here I am, done with four of my five classes, waiting until 6:30 so I can […]

Community Pool

Originally posted on The Daily Post:
The Community Pool is for those of you looking for input, whether on post ideas, writing, blog design and layout, or anything else. If you have a post, page, or idea you want to bounce off someone, leave a comment. Your fellow bloggers can then click through and offer input…